Taking the inquiry seriously to get precision wheel hub bearings’ order!

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In July 2016, I received a request from a Middle Eastern customer to look at the factory. He wanted to order a batch of precision wheel hub bearings. I didn’t really care about the country’s inquiry. I replied to the email and asked the customer about the specific itinerary. I haven't responded yet. Although I don't pay much attention to this inquiry, I still have an anxious wait in my heart. I send two emails every week to continue tracking. I make a phone call to follow up one week, and the customer still has not responded. This stalemate for more than a month, in mid-August, the customer sent a itinerary, almost a city every day. At the time, when I saw this trip, I felt that I had to give up his work. The cooperation was honest, or else I would not cooperate.

precision wheel hub bearings

At the beginning of September, the customer came to Beijing with his wife and lived in the XX Hotel. At that time, the customer did not meet us for the first time, but went to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to travel, so I had an appointment to meet at night. At the time of heavy rain, I took the company's precision wheel hub bearings product brochure wearing a raincoat and umbrella (not very strange, the rain is really big), take the subway to see the customer (no rain on the road, no car, estimated that the driver is afraid of anchoring , so no car), to the customer's side is about 7:30 in the evening, take off the raincoat and put away the umbrella, the whole body is still soaked in many places by the rain, through the hotel front desk to understand, the customer stayed at the hotel one afternoon, I I want to definitely see other suppliers. No matter what happened anyway, how to talk about how to talk about the normal process, when exchanging business cards, I found that the business card was wet, but the catalog of precision wheel hub bearings was placed on the inside of the bag, not soaked.

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In this way, at the hotel, determine the drawings of the precision wheel hub bearings, start the quotation, and return the counterbacks several times. The customer puts a quote from other people, and as a result, our price is about 6% higher than others. Sometimes cooperation is really dramatic. We give customers the biggest discount on the payment method, determine the annual order of more than three million dollars, 90-day letter of credit, sub-distribution. In this way, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with the customer, and scanned it back to the customer.

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The customer went to Shanghai the next day, and we continued to communicate with the customer, but the customer has not returned to China, and many of the information cannot be answered in time. It is understandable. After a long holiday, I continued to contact the customer. The samples of our two precision wheel hub bearings have more than 100 kilograms. The shipping cost is very expensive. If you can't get this list, you are too sorry for the company. During the sample transfer process, three companies were found to have signed a memorandum with the customer, and three of them issued samples of precision wheel hub bearings.

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After the sample was handed over to 2017, my first information on the New Year's Eve was a picture of a precision wheel hub bearings that the customer sent me and a paragraph. The customer began to ask if the order can be delivered if the order is placed now. ? Just in time to catch up with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, there is no customer to open the certificate. Normal production began around mid-March, and now 2 batches of goods are delivered.

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Finally, I knew from the customer that only one of our precision wheel hub bearings samples were made 3 times and paid 3 times, each time in accordance with the customer's requirements and in accordance with the specifications stated in the memorandum. This gives customers a firm choice to work with us.
So there is really no shortcut to talking about orders. Every time you are flexible, serious follow-up is a step by step to success.

If you need precision wheel hub bearings or other bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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