How to distinguish the authenticity of self ball bearing?

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Identify true and false editors of self ball bearing:
Is the steel print clear of self ball bearing?
Each bearing product will be printed with its brand name and label on the self ball bearing product body. Although the font size is very small, the products produced by the regular manufacturers are printed with the stamp printing technology, and the characters are pressed before the heat treatment, so the font is small, but the recess is deep and very clear. Under normal circumstances, the fonts of counterfeit products are not only blurred, because the printing technology is rough, the fonts float on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or the hand marks are serious.

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Is there any noise of self ball bearing?
Hold the inner sleeve of the self ball bearing with your left hand, and rotate the outer sleeve with a small amount of reciprocating right hand to make it rotate, and listen to whether there is noise in the running of the self ball bearing. Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products, the complete manual workshop operation, in the production process, the self ball bearing body will inevitably be mixed with impurities such as dust and sand, so there will be noise or unsmooth operation when the bearing rotates. . This is the key to judging whether the product comes from a brand-name product of a regular manufacturer that is strict in production standards and operated by machines.
Is there any turbid oil on the surface?
Whether there are turbid oil marks on the surface requires special attention when purchasing imported self ball bearing. Because the domestic anti-rust technology has a certain gap with the foreign advanced manufacturing countries, it is easy to leave a thick oil trace when the self ball bearing body is rust-proof, and it feels sticky and sticky when touched by hands, and foreign original There are almost no traces of rust preventive oil on the imported bearings. According to industry insiders, particularly attentive people can smell a special taste on imported bearings, which is the taste of rust-proof oil.

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Whether the chamfer is uniform of self ball bearing
The so-called chamfering of the self ball bearing, that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical faces, the counterfeit bearing products are not handled satisfactorily in the corners of these corners due to the limitation of production technology, which we can easily distinguish.
self ball bearing packaging
The packaged inner and outer packaging bearings are cleaned and rust-proofed after being manufactured and tested, and then placed in the inner packaging to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and maintain self ball bearing quality and precision. And for the convenience of use and sale purposes.

self ball bearing-3
The inner packaging of the self ball bearing is divided into three categories according to the anti-rust period:
1 Short anti-rust period packaging: anti-rust period of 3 to 6 months, suitable for large-volume delivery to the same subscriber, the bearings will be put into use in a short period of time. According to the agreement between the two parties, the principle of convenient use is adopted, and simple packaging is adopted.
2 general anti-rust period packaging: anti-rust period of one year, suitable for general purpose bearings.
3 long anti-rust period packaging: anti-rust period of two years, suitable for special and precision bearings.
The inner packaging materials of the bearing are polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain and crepe polyethylene composite paper, carton, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening tape or plastic fastening tape, waterproof high-strength plastic tape. , linen bags, etc. All of the above materials are required to ensure the corrosion resistance test of the material is qualified.

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