How much do you know about spherical plain bearing ge and rod end bearing?

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Maintenance-free spherical plain bearing ge
   Maintenance-free spherical plain bearings are used when there are special requirements for operating life, or the metal sliding contact surface of the spherical plain bearing ge is not suitable for lubrication, such as under unidirectional load. spherical plain bearing ge allow space adjustment movement, and depending on the bearing type (radial, angular contact or axial spherical plain bearing ge), it can support radial, mixed or axial loads.

Joint bearings requiring maintenance
  Because it is a sliding surface of steel/steel or steel/copper, INA joint bearings that require maintenance must be lubricated. Lubrication can reduce friction, reduce wear, increase service life and prevent corrosion. When designing an imported bearing arrangement, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient grease on the bearing position. Provide radial, angular contact and axial bearings.

spherical plain bearing ge

Maintenance-free rod end bearings
  The maintenance-free rod end includes a housing with a complete threaded shank and a maintenance-free spherical plain bearing ge. The housing with a complete threaded shank has external or internal threads. The spherical sliding bearing is firmly fixed in the housing. After the rod end is galvanized, corrosion can be avoided.

  The rod end supports radial load in the direction of extension or compression. It is suitable for slow movements with small to moderate rotation angles, unidirectional loads and in some cases changing loads (in the case of GE..-UK-2RS, it is also suitable for changing loads). The sealed rod end has lip-shaped seals on both sides to play a role in preventing dirt and water.

original spherical plain bearing ge

Rod end bearings requiring maintenance
   Rod end bearings include a bearing seat with the entire rod and spherical plain bearing ge that require maintenance. The bearing seat with the entire rod has an external thread or an internal thread. The self-aligning sliding bearing is firmly positioned on the bearing seat. The rod end bearing is corrosion-resistant by galvanized coating. Rod end bearings can support radial forces in tensile or compressive directions, transmit motion and pressure at low levels of movement, and are suitable for alternating loads and under certain conditions for unilateral loads. The thin-walled design of the bearing housing allows for compact adjacent structures. The sealed rod end bearing prevents contamination and is sprayed with water through a lip seal.

high quality spherical plain bearing ge

Hydraulic rod end bearings
The hydraulic rod end is assembled with the radial spherical plain bearing ge..-LO or GE..-DO. Both have a steel/steel sliding contact surface, which can support the radial force in the direction of extension or compression, and can transmit Movement and low torque, suitable for changing radial load. The rod end can be locked by a threaded shank or welded firmly by a round or square welding surface.

  The rod end of the circular welding surface has a 45º welding angle and a centering option relying on concentric positioning pins. They are especially suitable for piston rods. The hydraulic rod end with square welding surface is especially suitable for cylinder seat. For diameters above 50mm, the rod end has a single groove on the threaded shank; when the diameter is 50mm, there is a double groove on the threaded shank, and it can be relubricated through a tapered lubrication nozzle

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