Share a few of my stories about orders of stud track roller bearings

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Another memorable example is an inquiry of stud track roller bearings from Bahrain. Generally, after receiving the inquiry, I will reply to the email first, and then try to add the customer's Skype. If there is a phone call, add whatsapp. But this customer has nothing. I replied to the customer's inquiry after work in the morning. In the afternoon, a customer directly added my whatsapp. After confirming, I knew that it was from Bahrain. The customer clearly stated that he wanted us. Which product and his request, I immediately reported the price, the customer also accepted my price and asked Paypal to pay, and is willing to pay 5% Paypal fee, from the customer looking for me to the sample list transaction only used After more than an hour, I couldn't believe it at the moment I received the payment. My colleagues also said that this was the fastest one in history.

stud track roller bearings high speed

Of course, there are also many unsuccessful experiences. For example, some customers have confirmed that PI of stud track roller bearings said that the next day's payment, the result is no longer, and then tracking is somewhat busy, some say that they are ready to pay for a few days, and even more people can't find anyone directly. Anyone who can do foreign trade can come across. In a few years, foreign trade can really grind a tempered person without temper.

stud track roller bearings high quality

There are also three visiting customers, one from Egypt, who took the sample list after going back. Later, although there was contact, there was no return order of stud track roller bearings. Another from Mozambique, this customer was I got from RFQ. It was really a long time to give up. He said that he came to the Canton Fair. Now in Guangzhou, I asked if we have a booth. I said no and directly invited. Factory, in fact, I would not hope that he would come. The result is always unexpected. It was Saturday. I didn’t get up in the morning and I heard the mobile phone information one by one. I took it and saw that this customer sent me a message. WeChat information, as always, asking for price bargains, but I have never made concessions, and finally the customer said to come to the factory in the afternoon. Because they drove by themselves, I didn't pick up the address directly. In the afternoon, I really came. I also brought a person who can speak Chinese. After reading the product, I was very satisfied. Next is a variety of bargaining. I said how much their demand is, let us give a good price. Finally, we give A little concession. This customer is still very good, from time to time there are return orders.

stud track roller bearings

To slowly precipitate and cultivate, each inquiry must be carefully restored, and every customer may become our long-term stable customer. Everything is possible. Just do it.

If you need stud track roller bearings or other bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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