How much do you know about tapered wheel bearings?

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Tapered wheel bearings are usually separable, i.e. a tapered inner ring assembly consisting of an inner ring with rollers and a cage assembly can be mounted separately from the tapered outer ring (outer ring).
Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobiles, rolling mills, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and other industries.

The secondary reasons why tapered roller bearings are showing scars during the installation process are: the bearing is in the process of installation, the inner ring and the outer ring are skewed during assembly; Or maybe it is a surge of charging loads in the process of installation and assembly, which eventually forms bearing scars and scars.

tapered wheel bearings high speed

When the tapered wheel bearings is being installed, it should be stopped according to the working specifications, or it will not form many achievements, such as the form or method of the device is not appropriate, and the bearing will form linear marks on the raceway surface and bone surface of the bearing. The device of a deep groove ball bearing indirectly reflects the precision, life and function of the bearing.

Although the quality of tapered wheel bearings is relatively good in all aspects, rolling bearings are precision components, and their use must be carried out accordingly. No matter how high performance bearings are used, if used incorrectly, the expected high performance will not be achieved. Precautions for the use of bearings are as follows:
(1) Keep tapered roller bearings and their surroundings clean.
Even small dust that cannot be seen by the eye can have a bad effect on the bearing. Therefore, keep the surrounding area clean so that dust does not invade the bearing.
(2) Use with caution.
Strong impact on tapered wheel bearings in use will produce scars and indentations, which will become the cause of accidents. In severe cases, cracks and breaks will occur, so care must be taken.
(3) Use appropriate operating tools.
Avoid replacing existing tools with the right ones.
(4) Pay attention to the rust of tapered roller bearings.

tapered wheel bearings

When operating the bearing, sweat on the hands can become the cause of rust. Be careful to operate with clean hands, and it is best to wear gloves as much as possible.

Tapered wheel bearings use hearing to identify irregular operation is a common method, such as the use of electronic stethoscopes to detect abnormal noise in a certain part is used by experienced operators. A bearing that is in good operating condition will emit a low whining sound, and a sharp hissing tapered roller bearing, squeaking and other irregular sounds usually indicate that the bearing is in poor operating condition.

1. Tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that the concentration of non-ferrous metal elements was abnormal; Many submicron-scale wear particles of non-ferrous metal composition appear in the iron spectrum; The moisture of the lubricating oil exceeds the standard and the acid value exceeds the standard.

original tapered wheel bearings

2. Journal surface strain: there are iron-based cutting abrasive grains or black oxide particles in the iron spectrum, and there is tempered color on the metal surface.

3. Corrosion on the surface of the journal: spectral analysis found that the concentration of iron element is abnormal, there are many submicron particles of iron components in the iron spectrum, and the moisture of the lubricating oil exceeds the standard or the acid value exceeds the standard.

4. Surface strain: cutting abrasive grains were found in the iron spectrum, and the abrasive grain composition was non-ferrous metals.

5. Watt back fretting wear: Spectral analysis found that the iron concentration was abnormal, and there were many sub-micron wear particles of iron components in the iron spectrum, and the moisture and acid value of the lubricating oil were abnormal.

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