Professional foreign trade strength, get the big order of Track Runner Bearings

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Because of a very occasional opportunity, the company has become attached to this foreign trade platform. From that time on, for many years, I have always insisted on operating my own account, did not release the account to the salesman, from the first order of Track Runner Bearings of the foreign trade career, step by step to the present.

Track Runner Bearings

One of the biggest buyers is from Colombia. It started from the first inquiry of Track Runner Bearing sin September and went to the first order of Track Runner Bearings. After more than three months, this is a good thing. This buyer is particularly tempered, often for a week. Back to an email of Track Runner Bearings, you must be patient with doing business with him. Under the simple calculation, orders of Track Runner Bearings from customers in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and other places are also very good.

Have a lot of experience, talk about what you think is the most important:

1. A deep understanding of the product of Track Runner Bearings. When you do a line, you need to understand the line. When you first started to deal with this industry, what kind of needs are in each country and region, you don’t understand it at all, so when customers ask for product details, their reply It is also lack of professionalism. Later, when I realized the importance of understanding the product of Track Runner Bearings, I started to learn, pay attention to every component and function in the product. I didn’t understand the problem and asked the seniors to sort and sort out the preferences and special requirements of the buyers in different regions. . Only when the buyer feels that you are a real expert, then this business will be safe to do with you.

Track Runner Bearings in stock

2. Quality is the unchanging magic weapon. The market competition of Track Runner Bearings is very fierce. Many merchants have adopted price reduction strategies to attract buyers. Because they always believe in quality, they can't win. Our quality is one of the best. Many buyers don't hesitate to place orders of Track Runner Bearings after receiving samples of Track Runner Bearings. Products of Track Runner Bearings can withstand the pressure of competition.

3. Communicate, starting with a meticulous heart. Our colleague Niki said that she was not very fluent at the beginning. Sometimes the foreigner called, and she was afraid that the phone would be unclear. After each call, she would send an email of Track Runner Bearings to the buyer, and then confirm the contents of the phone with the customer.  It took a long time, even if the spoken language progressed, there were zero obstacles through telephone communication, but it was still developed. After each call, an email was added and the customer clearly listed the communication details. Foreigners have a high evaluation of her careful service. Many foreigners often thank this kind of girl in the mail, saying that it is very reassuring to cooperate with her. Many return orders are inseparable from this.

in stock Track Runner Bearings

4. Communicate with customer service with a more refined attitude. Log in every day, communicate with customer service regularly, and make in-depth understanding of all functions, you can maximize the use of resources of this platform to a certain extent, resulting in better and better results.

If you need the Track Runner Bearings, please contact me any time!

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