How to maintenance inch stainless steel ball bearings?

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I. Problems of bearing maintenance technology: Two complicated problems related to inch stainless steel ball bearings maintenance technology are:

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1). When to change the oil.

2). How much oil should be changed. If the oil change is too little, inch stainless steel ball bearings will be scrapped in advance; If the oil is changed too much, inch stainless steel ball bearings will get into trouble or endanger the power coil and winding for a long time.  

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2.the maintenance technology of inch stainless steel ball bearings: The way to decide when to lubricate bearing and when to stop oiling is very simple: make a basic line, make an observation schedule and monitor when oiling.  Inch stainless steel ball bearings base line reflects decibel strength under the condition of normal operation, no visual error and sufficient lubrication.  

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Three ways to draw up the basic line:

1) Comparison method: If there are multiple stainless steel ball bearings of the same type, these bearings can be compared together. Observe each bearing with the same test method or from the same angle. Analyze decibel intensity and sound quality. If there is no essential difference (less than 8 decibels), we can set it as the basic decibel strength of each bearings.  

2) Set the basic line when adding lubricating oil to inch stainless steel ball bearings: when adding lubricating oil, listen to the sound intensity, and then increase when the sound intensity decreases. At this time, don't add too much lubricating oil and set it as the basic line.  

3) Historical record: Observe the decibel strength of inch stainless steel ball bearings, record it every day, and then compare the record results of 30 days. If there is little or no change in decibel intensity (less than 8 decibels), we can set this as the basic line and use it as the comparison value of later observation results.

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