A big order of plummer block assembly started with 4 times samples.

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In January 2013, I suddenly received an email about the plummer block assembly. The customer said that she had taken the catalogue of our plummer block assembly at the previous Canton Fair, and also attached a paragraph with us before the exhibition. The plummer block assembly is similar to the picture and requires the price of the plummmer block assembly of the stainless steel material to be ordered. I sent the price to the customer."

The customer did not respond to the price I reported...

A week later, I received the customer's email again: Will I go to the Canton Fair again, hoping to meet the requirements of the plummer block assembly at the Canton Fair.

The other party’s request made me interested in the customer who did not care about it. According to the customer's request, I quickly arranged the proof of the plummer block assembly and sent it.

high quality plummer block assembly

In February 2013, the customer contacted me again: the end customer requested to modify the details of the plummer block assembly, modify it, re-sample it, and bring the sample to the Canton Fair.

"This guest is relatively small, no strength, will ask us to bring the plummer block assembly to the Canton Fair. Moreover, there will be a long time from the Canton Fair in February, if the customer is anxious, it will definitely use the express. Considering the Canton Fair can be with the customer. Meet and exchange, I still choose to lay samples according to customer requirements.

After meeting at the Canton Fair, the customer made a third proof. "I didn't charge him for the first two proofs, but I can't give him a free proof. I have to pay for it. The customer wrote an e-mail to ask me if I will refund the sample of the plummer block assembly after the order is placed. Fee. I tell the customer 'of course'."

In June 2013, I put a sample of the plummer block assembly. "The customer told me that he did not pay the account, he would call me the courier fee, let us pay the courier fee to the courier company.

In July 2013, the customer received a reply to the sample of the plummer block assembly: “This order is very promising. However, the end customer has changed the sample requirements, please call the sample again.”

plummer block assembly with high quality

“The request for the fourth sample, the customer dragged me for two months. The display showed that the material of the product was completely subverted and replaced with cast iron which was much cheaper than stainless steel. Then the customer sent a product photo asking if I can Do." I said, "Because we have done a lot of similar products before, I sent the latest photos and styles of the products I have made to him and quoted them according to the customer's order quantity."

In October 2013, the customer received the fourth sample I played, but the customer was not satisfied with the plummer block assembly.

"Because his first three samples are stainless steel plummer block assembly, the quality is the same, but the details are changed according to the customer's requirements. The fourth sample, the material is replaced by cast iron plummer block assembly, the sample will naturally be the same as before There are differences in many details, so it creates a bad experience for the customer."

high precision plummer block assembly

I have been with this order for a while, and I have already played four samples from January to September, but the customer has not placed an order yet. The material of the plummer block assembly has been reduced from expensive to cheap, but the quantity has not changed significantly. Each quotation is only reported by 500 or 1000. Slowly, I am less and less interested in my customers... I want to give up, but I feel a little unwilling. After all, I have always been in line with the requirements of our customers, and I have already given many samples to our customers.

By chance, I heard from the client's population that the customer wanted to give up because there was some problem with the sample of the fourth plummer block assembly.

I have always kept in touch with the customer, so I quickly told the customer why the sample details of the plummer block assembly were wrong, and promised the customer what improvements would be made when doing big goods.

Get customer feedback again, it is already at the end of November 2013.

plummer block assembly with high precision

The customer suddenly sent me an email: Please quote the best price, the number of plummer block assembly is about 5000 or 10,000.

Because of the large number of plummer block assemblies, I rushed to quote customers. After a few hours, the customer will reply to the email: please quote 40,000 quotes, each for 20,000.

God, am I dreaming? How suddenly this customer's require quality of plummer block assembly became 20,000 or 40,000. Obviously a big customer. After the price is reported, I am very much looking forward to the customer's reply.

But customers feel that the price of the plummer block assembly is too expensive.

In order not to let the order go down, I ask the customer to ask the target price of the end customer. But the end customer raised a price that I could not do.

"I can't do the price of this plummer block assembly. I can do a further downgrade according to my offer within the scope of what I can do." Just after replying to the customer for one day, I received the customer's email requesting an increase in the quantity. With the A model 20,000, the B model 40,000 a total of 60,000 quotes.

competitive price plummer block assembly

"The price of the plummer block assembly can't be lowered any more. It is the lowest. Because the end of the year, the Chinese have to spend the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival has to be put on for a long time. If you don't place an order of plummer block assembly now, we can't deliver it before the Spring Festival."

Since then, I have been anxiously checking the mail every day, hoping to get a reply from the customer as soon as possible.

But customers are still struggling with the price of the plummer block assembly.

"Do you have a 90% confidence in this order?" I asked.

"Yes," the customer said.

“The customer replied to me, I think it’s very eye-catching, and it’s a little lower towards the target price of his plummer block assembly.”

The next day, the number of customer orders was changed to A, 3, 5, and B, 70,000, a total of 105,000.

plummer block assembly with competitive price

"I finally grasped the customer's psychology. He just wanted to press the price with me. But I am already very sure: with many discussions, our services and the impression of customers, the customer will eventually choose me. And by the end of the year. Other companies may not be able to accept such large orders." After my analysis, I decided to insist on biting the price.

Good habit to help take orders

On December 17, 2013, the customer told me that the end customer agreed and the order was taken.

“We started to confirm the delivery and payment method of the plummer block assembly. Because the amount of this order is so large, I am very worried that the customer will ask for a letter of credit. If I do a letter of credit, I have to review the order and wait for the reply from the bank. It will be slower, so I specifically reminded him: 'Every time we write on the quotation: the payment method is 50% of the deposit, and the last payment is paid.' I did not expect that the customer is very happy to return I'm OK'."

I was able to successfully win this customer and the big list of this plummer block assembly, which is the professional habits that I have developed over the years and I insist on it.

If you need plummer block assembly or other bearings, please contact me any time!

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